Accountancy in Europe has a proud history of protecting clients investments, providing reliable accountancy throughout Europe and beyond. Through our collaboration with Seedrs, we are now pleased to offer a simple means to discover private, early-stage equity investment opportunities with significant potential.

Unlike other crowdfunding sites, Seedrs is built for serious investment. Rather than donating to hobby projects, Seedrs offers the chance for anyone to invest in return for full voting shares, while balancing risk with its nominee structure and position as gatekeeper.

Having built their own legacy of trust, Seedrs is now the most relied upon name in private equity investments, with investor capital on the platform constituting 11% of all UK private equity investment in 2016. Among the platform’s standout features is its custom-built analytics software, making it easy to track growth across your investment portfolio.

Their streamlining of the early-stage investment process has spawned numerous breakout startups, including restaurant chain Tossed and winemaker Chapel Down. It’s also attracted high profile investors, including Lyft CEO Logan Green and tennis pro Sir Andy Murray.

As a result of our partnership, Accountancy in Europe clients opting to invest through Seedrs will be eligible for a number of exclusive benefits. As well as access to a substantial portfolio of investment opportunities, they will receive special event invitations, bespoke content, and access to follow-on and pre-emption funding rounds, among other perks.

For more information on how Seedrs operates and what they can offer Accountancy in Europe customers, follow this link, or click on the banner above.